Time to Talk Day

Today is ‘Time to Talk Day’, organised by Time to Change. Their aim is to get the nation talking about mental health and change the way we all think and act about mental health issues.


Recently, it has become more important than ever to maintain healthy minds. It is becoming more widely acknowledged that it should be prioritised just as much as our physical health.


Changing attitudes in the workplace is equally important. Unfortunately, it is often hard to open up about mental health at work.

The majority of people with mental health problems report being misunderstood. Stigma and discrimination often prevent people from seeking help. Employees and managers alike should be encouraged not only to look after their own mental health at work, but to be aware of how colleagues are handling their duties too. In Bupa’s recent Workplace Wellbeing Census, 50% of those surveyed said their colleagues positively affected their wellbeing. Offering help to those around us who may need it can make a significant difference to their life at work for the better.
Plan A are raising awareness within our team to openly discuss Mental Health and Wellbeing. We will all be completing the mental health quiz by Time to Change to start talking to end the mental health stigma.
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