Technical Director Role

As our design management consultancy continues to grow, so does the imperative to fortify our management team with specialised support roles.

This evolution culminated in the creation of the ‘Technical Director’ position towards the end of last year – a pivotal role consolidating quality assurance, competence checks, and technical oversight that was previously dispersed across the Plan A team.

Simon England was promoted into the role, having been with Plan A for over 5 years as a design manager. Simon’s background boasts senior architectural positions at various regarded practices, making him an ideal candidate to steer Plan A’s technical strategy. It’s important to note that the Technical Director role at Plan A differs from traditional architectural counterparts, as it doesn’t involve the compliance and quality review of architectural design deliverables. Instead, Simon’s responsibilities align more closely with the broader concept of ‘Technical Director,’ focusing on strategic guidance and direction for all technical aspects of Plan A’s service delivery.

This includes:
> Continuous Improvement: Implementing processes for ongoing quality enhancement in our consultancy services.
> Client Support: Offering high-level strategic guidance to our valued clients.
> Knowledge Base Expansion: Facilitating self-directed learning within the internal team to deepen expertise.
> Learning Plan Refinement: Tailoring the technical learning plan to support individual development.
> Team Support: Assisting Plan A Team Leaders in ensuring alignment and consistency.
> Dissemination: Actively promoting Plan A’s achievements through talks and social media.

As Simon settles into his new role, the Technical Director position is in its infancy. Flexibility and adaptability are key – the role is anticipated to evolve over time to respond to internal and external needs.

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