Supporting the next generation

As we near the end of the university year, a number of Design Managers across Plan A are delivering career sessions to architecture students at Loughborough, Cambridge, Cardiff and Bath universities, UCL, plus the Architectural Association.

Supporting the next generation

In our presentations, we help guide the next generation of architects to understand their responsibilities – and how positive design management from the start will benefit them and their projects. One of our key messages is that design management is a core activity of a lead designer’s role – for every sector and every size of project. It is not an optional extra.

The marginalisation of the architect has been well documented. At Plan A, we are passionate about supporting architects and designers to reclaim their leadership role, increase their influence, and obtain the level of fees that reflects their status and input.

As well as careers sessions and presentations at universities, each year we support a year-out student with a work placement.

Sophie Delaney

Sophie Delaney’s work placement started in summer 2021. “I’ve had great support throughout,” she says. “Working closely with my mentor, I’ve developed so many vital skills I’ll use throughout my studies and beyond. Plan A is sponsoring my final year at Loughborough University; it’s wonderful to be part of a firm so supportive of my studies and future career.”

We are delighted that Sophie has accepted our offer of a full-time role once she completes her studies.

In addition, now we’re back in the office post-pandemic, from 27th June we’re hosting a week’s work experience for a sixth-form student from Highbury Grove school.

At Plan A, we support architects to lead projects, representing their interests and integrating with their teams at all levels. The sharing of our knowledge with the next generation, and our commitment towards personal learning and development, were important factors in our shortlisting for Consultant of the Year (less than 100 people) for the 2021 Building Awards and for the Training Excellence award in the 2022 CN Specialists awards.

Photograph bottom: Design Manager Gail Lewis and Associate Design Manager Jennifer Sale presenting at the University of Cambridge

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