Royal Diriyah Opera House

Plan A Consultants is employed by a number of Signature Architectural practises globally working on some truly incredible projects.

We often cannot shout out about our role of Design Manager due to the understandable NDA’s that the wider Design Team has to comply with.

There is one special project though which we can now talk about which is the Royal Diriyah Opera House – part of the giant Diriyah development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We have been employed by  Snøhetta on projects in both Europe and the Middle East since our formation 9 years ago and are really proud to work with and support the Snøhetta team under the leadership of Zenul Khan on the Opera House also. Plan A Consultants is employed by Snøhetta to define and manage the design process internally within the Design Team and we would like to give special mention to our own Plan A team.

Jennifer Sale (Associate Design Manager) and Alice Gordon and Morne Share (Design Managers) have been busy since commencement keeping on top of the design management activities internally so that Snøhetta can focus on what they do best and the wider team and Client are reassured that factors that are vital to design stage success are covered.

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