RIBA+VitrA Talks: beyond Boundaries – Asif Khan lecture

Plan A Consultants Design Managers David PalmeriJoshua JonesMax Milton and Ellie Smith all attended the ‘RIBA+VitrA Talks: beyond Boundaries – Asif Khan MBE’ lecture at RIBA, Portland Place this week.

The session focused on Asif’s explorative project approach, articulating how each are shaped by engagement with their context whilst retaining their own identity to define a meaningful sense of place.

A personal and engaging autobiographical journey, Asif took the audience from his formative years spent with his family at the Barbican, to developing his love of craft at the Prince’s Foundation, further exploring his Islamic heritage and his approach to collaboration inclusive of typographers and musician Brian Eno. Asif insightfully interspersed this narrative by presenting projects from his Studio’s impressive portfolio of work including the UK Pavilion, Dubai Expo, Museum of London, Liverpool’s Canning Dock and an early insight into the recently announced Museum of the Incense Road. We’re proud to be collaborating with the Studio on a number of these projects.

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