Aquellum, NEOM, KSA

Aquellem will be a striking conceptual building with a high-impact reveal for guests and residents as they enter its other-worldly centre. It will be open to the sky to capture and control the rhythm of the day and night cycle through innovative design and technology to provide an ever-changing visitor experience throughout.

It will contain a mix of uses and experiences that include an Academy, Hotel, Luxury Residential Apartments, Retail F&B, Research Centre, leisure, and a stunning central sea water feature, innovatively safe and clean from the Marina water.

Image Credits: LAVA

Plan A’s Key Responsibilities

  • Produced a Design Management Plan to ensure the successful delivery of the project and facilitate the communication with the Client team.
  • Developed detailed route maps to strategically plan the delivery of each phase of the stage showing client decisions, indication of information releases, information required, design fixes, approval dates and dependencies, as necessary.
  • Prepared and monitored Design Programme.
  • Project: Aquellum, NEOM, KSA

  • Sector: Hospitality

  • Architect: LAVA

  • Client: NEOM

  • Size: 122,000 sqm GFA

  • Structural Engineering: SBP

  • Mechanical Engineering: Geoteach

  • Plan A Appointed: Stage 3A - Stage 3D




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