Amaala Triple Bay

Amaala Triple Bay Masterplan, Amaala, KSA

The Triple Bay Masterplan consists of three coastal bays along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia which are to home a new concept in luxury tourism focused on wellness in all its forms, respecting the natural geology of the landscape.

Individual hotels and wellness retreats are spaced within the landscape to reinforce the sense of seclusion, exclusivity, and luxury of the resort. At the heart of the resort lies the Wellness Core, a zone entirely focused on wellness hospitality and offering a range of luxury facilities including medical retreats.

Image Credits: HKS

Plan A’s Key Responsibilities

  • Ensured the design development was properly managed to satisfy the expectations of both the client and the architect.
  • Managed the key interfaces between asset designers and master planners, and ensured all the members of the project team agreed on the factors for project success.
  • We prepared a design management and delivery strategy.
  • ​We established project protocols, working with the design architect to establish a schedule of responsibilities, objectives, supporting activities and deliverables.
  • Prepared the stage plans of work, workstage objectives, and milestones.
  • Produced trackers, request for information (RFI) schedules and design risk registers to ensure the agreed objectives were met.
  • Project: Amaala Triple Bay Masterplan, Amaala, KSA

  • Sector: Masterplan

  • Architect: HKS

  • Client: AMAALA

  • Size: 9,662,881 sqm

  • Infrastructure Engineer: Buro Happold 

  • Plan A Appointed: Concept Masterplan - Detailed Masterplan




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