AlUla Cultural Oasis District Masterplan, AlUla, KSA

The Cultural Oasis District sits within AlUla County under the jurisdiction of the Royal Commission of AlUla. Prior + Partners were commissioned as the design and planning team to assist the client in the development of proposals for the Cultural Oasis District from concept masterplan, through to implementation. Plan A were sub consulted to assist with design management for the duration of Stage 1.

Image Credits: Prior + Partners

Plan A’s Key Responsibilities

  • Project set-up documentation, including management procedures.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting, including % complete progress against detailed programme.
  • Meeting invites, agendas and minutes. Chair weekly programme & progress meetings.
  • Project: AlUla Cultural Oasis District Masterplan, AlUla, KSA

  • Sector: Masterplan

  • Architect: Prior + Partners

  • Client: Royal Commision for AlUla

  • Size: 2,230,000 hectares

  • Infrastructure Engineer: Buro HappoldĀ 

  • Plan A Appointed: Detailed Masterplan




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