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You can trust us. We flag issues early, are honest about their impact and work collaboratively with you and the team to resolve them. Our processes create audit trails where every action, change and decision is tracked, and everyone knows where they stand. With us on your side, you’ll never have to worry or second guess because we have everything accounted for.


Introduced by a mutual contact, we brought Plan A in to assist us in managing a complex project with multiple designers, contractors and phasing. There were a large number of interfaces and part of their role was to ensure clarity across all information, identifying when it would be issued and managing the process to meet agreed deadlines. Their professional, personable and diligent input enabled us to focus on the design itself, ensure we were commercially protected, and that the contractor was issued with coordinated and relevant design information.

John McRae, Director, Orms
The Standard, London, UK Orms

The Standard, London, UK

This transformation of the former Camden Town Hall Annexe creates a landmark 266-room hotel in King’s Cross – The Standard brand’s first hotel outside America. The building façade has been meticulously restored, and three new storeys have been added.

Getting projects back on track.

We like to get involved early in the design process to maximise successful outcomes, but we’re happy to join projects at any stage. At The Standard, we were brought in during the construction stage to help the designer resolve communication and coordination issues. Using a thorough audit process, we quickly got to the root of the problem and set the project back on course.

Information you can understand.

Important information can get lost in unclear processes or be hard for team members to decipher. We ensured everyone involved in the project knew what was expected of them and provided critical information in a format everyone could understand.

A joined-up team.

We support architects by making sure everyone is on the same page. We do this by implementing robust processes driven by open and honest communication where issues can be raised and dealt with as a team.


  • Architect: Orms

  • Project Client: Crosstree Real Estate Partners

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