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We provide dedicated design management services for architects, and that is all we do – all day, every day. This unique level of expertise, combined with sector-wide experience, allows us to tailor our services to reflect exactly what you need and what benefits the project the most.


We’ve been really impressed by Plan A’s design management services; they helped us to coordinate the team, the client, and the day-to-day management tasks so we were able to focus on delivering a design that meets our client's needs.

Lisa Finlay, Partner and Group Leader, Heatherwick Studio
UCB Pharma R&D Campus, Surrey, UK Veretec

UCB Pharma R&D Campus, Surrey, UK

This major headquarters for multinational biopharmaceutical company UCB revamps a 19-hectare campus in Surrey. The project includes a striking new three-storey timber building designed by Heatherwick Studio.

No project manager? No problem.

We’ve worked on projects where there is no client-side project manager. In these cases, like at Project Apple, we support the architect and client to create the necessary project structure.

More than one architect.

We’re used to putting processes in place for multiple architects, helping to define roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone knows what they have to do and by when.

Programming that leads to prompt payment.

By keeping on top of the design programme, we can deliver greater certainty, increase service quality and make sure the architect gets paid.

Sector know-how is invaluable.

Our specific sector expertise means we know what’s coming next, so we can mitigate any challenges efficiently. At Project Apple, we’re supporting the design of an extraordinary new R&D centre and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.


  • Architect: Heatherwick Studio and Veretec

  • Project Client: UCB

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