Positively Proactive

Assured. Approachable. Hands-on.

We look after your best interests and the best interests of the design. We do that with a proactive, positive and collaborative approach that allows us to quickly anticipate challenges and resolve issues by talking to the right people. In our experience, this way of working keeps projects on track and makes the process more enjoyable for everyone.


We are really delighted to be working with Plan A on a complex and very high-profile project. Their ‘can do’ attitude and effortless diplomacy allows us to concentrate on the job in hand, resting assured that the wider team is actively engaged and converging on the same goals. I only wish we had them on every project!

Neil Deely, Founder, Metropolitan Workshop
Carpenters Estate, London, UK Metropolitan Workshop

Carpenters Estate, London, UK

This £1 billion scheme will restore the Carpenters Estate into a vibrant neighbourhood in the heart of Stratford. The resident-led plan is one of London’s largest and most ambitious estate regeneration programmes and will deliver over 2,000 high-quality homes (50% affordable).

An architect-endorsed approach.

We’re good at what we do and trusted by the architects we work for. So much so that they recommend us for other projects. That’s what happened at Carpenters Estate, a massive masterplan with multiple architects working together.

We help define roles and responsibilities to create a healthy team dynamic.

On a complex project like this, where many architects and designers are working together, the definition of roles, responsibilities and contractual relationships is essential in creating a cohesive, strong team and ensuring a smooth design process.

Supporting you and your client.

We worked with the lead designer to support the newly established client team, providing custom schedules and trackers to allow them to quickly understand the programme and what decisions had to be made by when.


  • Architect: Metropolitan Workshop

  • Project Client: Populo Living (Newham Council)

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