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We inherently understand design. That’s how we’re able to support you with proven processes that facilitate progress and maximise design quality, and we will never waste your time with pointless paperwork. Our trusted services and tools are made for architects and go beyond Gantt charts with careful forward programming and planning that sets the course for project success.


We brought Plan A on board to assist us with managing a complex UK project which was too important to fail. Their role was to define a design management strategy and implement it so that the design progressed with clarity and the client had genuine confidence that we were on track. We were really happy with the outcome – hands-on, flexible and always looking ahead. We are now working together on subsequent UK projects.

Andy Thomas, Partner, Grimshaw
Heathrow Expansion Project, London, UK Grimshaw

Heathrow Expansion, London, UK

This world-class sustainable airport delivers innovation in passenger service and showcases the best of British design. Plans include a new terminal building and full-length runway to the northwest of Heathrow.

We work fast and flexibly to fit changing project needs.

We’re used to working on ever-evolving projects where the parameters shift and programmes must adapt. During the Heathrow Expansion, our experienced team mobilised quickly to support the design’s changing requirements and keep the project on track.

Making sure nothing slips.

This was a high-profile project with no room for error. Our careful management, precise coordination and clear communication helped make sure that the design stayed on course and that the decisions required to deliver were clear and supported by the appropriate level of design information.

Small projects for a big design.

Transport projects tend to consist of many smaller sub-projects, each integral to the overall design. This is the case at Heathrow, where we use an interface management process to ensure sub-projects were seamlessly coordinated.


  • Project Client: Heathrow Airports Ltd

  • Architect: Grimshaw

  • Value: Confidential

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