People and Culture Manager

A year ago this month, we took the step familiar to many companies of a similar size and trajectory. Up until this point, issues related to people management, admin, employee contracts etc were covered across the existing management team. We needed to bring our own specialist person in but didn’t want to go down the usual route of appointing a typical HR Manager.

We had seen that a couple of forward-thinking companies had appointed a People and Culture Manager and were intrigued by what it meant as it resonated with what we are trying to achieve within Plan A.

Stacey Pike is the People and Culture Manager for Plan A (covering our UK and South Africa offices) and we are so happy that she took the plunge with us a year ago. Originally from Australia but with recent experience of working in Canada, Stacey was new to the UK, and this is what appealed to us.

‘It has been a whirlwind first year for me and everything was new. The first step was to define what a People and Culture Manager meant. We wanted to go beyond traditional and transactional administrative duties related to human resources and define a role that captured and responded to the dynamics of Plan A. The role is about defining and developing a culture which revolves around people, learning and personal development. The ultimate goal is to create a place which appeals to potential new team members and where existing team members want to stay and grow’.

If you would like to discuss upcoming opportunities with Plan A, Stacey would be more than happy to chat over the phone on +44 (0)20 8065 0459 or by emailing careers@planaconsultants.com.

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