NLA Study Tour at UAL Wimbledon Campus

Last week our Senior Design Manger  Scarlett Petchey and Design Manager Haytham Hamodi attended the NLA Study Tour at UAL Wimbledon Campus. It was fantastic to hear from Jayne Knowles, Dean at UAL Wimbledon and Levitt Bernstein’s Associate Ben Monteagle as they were taken on a tour of the recently completed refurbishments which have been designed to facilitate the new performance driven curriculum.

Levitt Bernstein has transformed the existing building, whilst maintaining its industrial aesthetic. The internal spaces have been upgraded and remodelled to accommodate the technical requirements of the new curriculum. As our design managers were taken on a tour of the building, it was also a pleasure to also see the end-of-year showcase with some exceptional work on display. In speaking to Ben Monteagle, it was apparent that early stakeholder engagement with the UAL Faculty through weekly meetings helped develop technical spaces which worked beautifully with exceptional facilities and flow. Appointment of specialist consultants to ensure these spaces performed to the technical requirements was also critical to their success. On the tour Jayne Knowles noted that the workshops are one of the favourites across all UAL campuses.

The campus is located in a conservation area, nestled within a residential community. Engagement with the local planning department in a pre-application process as well as wider community consultation was important to ensure universal buy in and support of the scheme. The final design has opened up the campus, and successfully connected it to the community both visually and physically.

As design managers, it is important that we consider these engagement processes and appointment of specialist consultants early in any Higher Education project. In this sector all scales of projects often have complex stakeholder groups and technical requirements for the spaces being created. Their success not only lies with thoughtful and well detailed design, but also careful planning of the design process.

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