New year, new look

Since 2015, we’ve been on an incredible journey working with brilliant architects on projects across the world. But it was time for a change.

We’re delighted with our bold new look that evolves the original brand into something that feels right for where we are today. And although we may look different, our mission remains the same — to empower architects with design management services.

Why change?

Well, it’s not all change, we’ve kept the name (Plan A was too good to lose), and we’re still the same dedicated team of design managers with the same collaborative approach. But the rebranding process allowed us to take the time to consider who we are, reflect on our success and celebrate our culture.

We now have a brand identity that better represents our purpose, values, and, most importantly, our people.

The future’s bright

But this is just the beginning.

We’re looking forward to helping even more architects deliver ambitious designs with our sector-wide experience and specialist services.

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