NLA Active Travel Summit

On Monday, Senior Design Manager Joshua Jones attended the NLA’s Active Travel Summit on behalf of Plan A’s Transport & Infrastructure Sector.

The session brought together an esteemed panel of professionals from both the public and private sector for an informed discussion around London’s Active Travel Priorities. This included thoughts on the challenges of delivering Active Travel for all Londoners, humanising the city and the emergence of micro mobility as a disruptor / benefactor to the sector. Understanding what is required to facilitate both mindset and modal shifts to achieve the Mayor’s Transport Strategy commitment to making 80% of all trips in London to be made by foot, cycle, or public transport by 2041…even if it meant challenging the term ‘Active Travel’ itself.

Schemes presented such as the proposed St Pauls Gyratory, demonstrated the benefits of reclaiming vehicular space to unlock new pockets of space for Public Realm in the City. Creating delight for both Londoners and tourists, similar to this photo Josh took the Cannon Street Reflection Garden on his commute that morning.

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