About Plan A

We are a specialist independent consultancy focused on one thing – design management for architects.

Since 2015, we’ve supported the world’s most respected architects with dedicated design management services. Our global, cross-sector expertise includes projects of all shapes and sizes, from transformational urban design to cultural institutions, sports stadia, airports, universities and resorts.

Our team is constantly growing. Right now, there are more than 55 of us. We’re all natural collaborators and meticulous managers, many of us from design backgrounds. As a specialist consultancy, we believe in developing our people and providing opportunities to learn and grow while creating an environment where everyone can succeed.


Why architects work with Plan A

We’re motivated to make projects more efficient and enjoyable to deliver while putting the processes in place to support architects getting paid. And we reassure clients with the knowledge that design management is well taken care of through our upfront project planning, team organisation, programming and reporting services.

Simon England Technical Director

Coming from an architectural background, I know first-hand the pressures designers face.

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Lucy Freeston Director

We’re able to positively influence the process and develop a clear and efficient design strategy.

Meet our people
David Palmeri Director

I enjoy untangling the complexities of working on big projects with many consultants.

Meet our people


Plan A was founded in 2015 after Nick Willars and Gerard Daws worked together at a global multidisciplinary firm. Their ambition? To set up a design management consultancy that benefits architects and designers and their projects. The result is an independent company with a single service line, made up of a tight-knit team where everybody has a voice, and the focus is on quality rather than growth for growth’s sake.

After working for companies intent on expanding their service offer, we wanted to narrow our focus on one thing – design management. The level of attention we bring means we're the best at what we do, and that's why architects want to work with us.

Gerard Daws, Director & Co-Founder, Plan A

We could see a lack of attention to design management within architecture practices, and we wanted to do something about it. By combining our skills, we can help architects define and manage the design process, giving them the time and space to focus on the more creative side of things.

Nick Willars, Director & Co-Founder, Plan A

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